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Shimi Kang

Igniting Our Innate Creative Intelligence

Reality: Science has uncovered that creative intelligence is less than 30% hereditary, and over 70% cultivated. In our modern “conceptual” era, creativity stands out as the number one skill for future leaders. (IBM Global CEO Summit). Reality: Stress is the #1 health epidemic of the 21st century (World Health Organization), technology is unescapable, and everyone is “too busy.” Stress, distraction, and busyness all directly impede the development of creative intelligence. Solution: More than 100,000 years of human evolution has led to an exquisite system connecting the specialized neurons of the brain, heart, and gut. We now have science on how the human intuition system works and how it drives creative intelligence. Dr. Shimi Kang, a Harvard trained psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and #1 bestselling author, will take the audience on a journey through the art and science of how to realize optimal creative intelligence in our modern world. This presentation will specifically cover the value of engaging in the powerful triad of creativity developers — play (cognitive agility), others (social connection), and downtime (relaxed wakefulness).


Alyson Schafer

Honey I Wrecked the Kids

Misbehaving children always make us question if we are parenting properly. We feel like we are messing up our kids. Learn the four misbehaviour dances we do with our children and how to get out of them. Learn why punishment and rewards no longer work with this generation. Learn effective discipline techniques to feel more confident and positive about parenting

Session Descriptions

Jen Gibson

1. More Talk, More Action    

This workshop will explore topics, techniques, tools to help families, caregivers, and adult allies have ongoing conversations about healthy relationships and sexuality. We’ll cover topics such as healthy sexual development, pop culture as talking points and answering the tough questions our youth should be asking! While everyone is welcome to attend; our discussion will be geared toward balancing discussion and comfort for the middle years, youth (ages 11-14).


Lyndze Harvey

2.  Those Kids Can’t Handle their Freedom: Overcoming Barriers to Teaching Kids Self-Regulation     

Sometimes we confuse ‘well-managed’ for well-regulated and misbehaviour for stress-behaviour. When vulnerabilities creep in, we face common refrains of “It’s too much work,” or “If you give ‘em an inch…” or “Those kids can’t handle their freedom.” Come and learn about self-regulation and the stories distracting us from our goals.

Shimi Kang

3.  Practical Mindfulness Based Techniques That Can Be Immediately Applied at Work and Home   

You have seen the science and now it’s time to practice! In this hands-on workshop, Dr. Shimi Kang will provide 3 practical mindfulness based strategies that can be immediately integrated into any situation. Participants will leave this workshop with 3 research backed tools proven to enhance social, emotional, and cognitive performance anytime, anywhere!


Dr. Monica Prendergast

4.  Web of Performance: How Performance Literacy Empowers 21st-Century Youth     – cancelled

Performance studies offer young people opportunities to develop their performance literacy through the investigation of performance as a form of play, ritual, healing, education, identity, power and everyday life. Based on a recent nationally-funded grant, this talk introduces a new curriculum in performance studies for youth 16-20.


Nooshafarin Saberi (Nooshi)

5.  Awakening the Gifts of Character

Language is a very important way of communication for all ages . It can bring the best in a person and help flourish, or extinguish the blossoming capacities of a person. Come and learn how language can be magical in bringing healing and unity for all ages and walks of life . In a place where the language of the virtues are used, everyone enthusiastically and whole heartedly cooperates and becomes an active member.

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Allyson Schaefer

6.  Work Life Balance

“As a busy working parent trying to raise a cooperative family, the idea of work-life balance often feels unachievable. Put an end to the need for perfection and refocus on the need for balance, self-care, and value-based decision making.