2017 Conference


Barefoot Books

I sell beautifully-illustrated multicultural Children's stories, cooperative games, puzzles, cd's, and puppets. Barefoot Books is an Independent Publishing company, started by two moms over twenty years ago, and our vision is to share stories, connect families and inspire children. I'm an Early Childhood Educator and parent myself so this opportunity to connect with parents and other educators would be amazing for me! I will be selling products as well as promoting book fairs, fundraisers and literacy.

BC FRIENDS Parent Program 

The BC FRIENDS Parent Program was developed for parents by parents in partnership with The FORCE Society for Kids' Mental Health www.forcesociety.com and the Ministry of Children and Family Development. The goal is to educate parents and families about the FRIENDS program that is being delivered in BC classrooms and equip families with tools and information to practice the FRIENDS program skills together at home. FRIENDS was introduced in B.C. in 2004 and is delivered in the classroom by teachers in the BC school system with 3 program levels. The program teaches children, youth and families important life skills such as identifying feelings, how to relax, how to face fears, how to problem solve, and much more. It also teaches strategies to help children cope with feelings of anxiety effectively and early on, before anxiety problems develop.

BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program

We exist to help reduce and prevent the harmful impacts of excessive or uncontrolled gambling. The mandate of the Strategy includes providing free support and treatment services and promoting responsible gambling practices through education and policy development. The BC Responsible Gambling Strategy involves the Province, through the Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch and the BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program, and the BC Lottery Corporation.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater VIctoria

Boys and Girls Club of Victoria runs Parenting Programs throughout Greater Victoria. This venue is an opportunity to showcase the various programs and locations where we offer parenting groups. Our programs provide both education and support to parents of preteens and teens. The programs are based on 6 to 10 week courses and parents have the option of attending continuously to have both peer and professional support.

Canadian Blood Services

Canadian patients depend on us to manage a safe, secure and cost-effective blood system. We bring quality to every aspect of our work - from collecting, testing and manufacturing blood, blood components and stem cells to knowledge creation and dissemination to conducting ground-breaking research.

Our role also includes providing the following unique services to Canadians:

  • Operating the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network
  • Building and operating Canadian Blood Services' Cord Blood Bank
  • Leading national practices, professional education, public awareness and system performance activities for organ and tissue donation and transplantation
  • Managing national patient registries for organ donation and transplantation
  • Bulk purchasing of pharmaceutical plasma protein products
  • Providing diagnostic laboratory testing services in some provinces
  • Conducting leading-edge research and advancing practice in transfusion and transplantation medicine nationally and internationally

Centre for Addictions Research of BC at UVic

Our Centre is committed to supporting parents, school communities and their partners in addressing substance use with young people. Our exhibit will serve to shared evidence-backed resources for parents as well as resources that are available to support the broader school community.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award- BC & Yukon Division

The Award is a zero barrier all-inclusive youth self-development and leadership program on Vancouver Island. It equips young people for life by bringing together practical experiences and life skills to create committed global citizens. By serving their communities, developing a skill, staying physically active, and journeying in nature, youth take control of their lives and become positive contributors to their communities.

So many folks come to us saying they regret never hearing about our Award program and grieve the missed opportunity for themselves and their children. Participating in VIPC 2016 can help change that!

End Dyslexia 

Current advances in neuro-science and technology now make it possible to end dyslexia quickly and with lasting results. No longer does anyone have to suffer with the stigma of being dyslexic and miss out on opportunities as a result of reading difficulties. I am using my own time, energy and financial resources to share published peer-reviewed research and information that supports the technology that is now available to end dyslexia so that children can achieve their highest potential. Having experienced dyslexia in my own family, I know how devastating it can be. While not life threatening, dyslexia can be life destroying.

Hot Lunches On-Line

HotLunches.net provides an easy to use yet powerful system for the placing and management of school hot lunch programs. No transaction fees, no limits on the number of menu dates, menu items, number of orders or frequency of order placement. This is the most powerful and easy to use on-line system developed specifically for school councils and school hot lunch programs.

Maritime Museum of BC

Since recovering from the move to a new location, which spanned from 2014-2015, the Maritime Museum of BC has been redeveloping our school programs to fit the new curriculum. Since we have moved to a smaller location, we no longer have the adequate space to accommodate large groups of school children in-house as we have done in the past; instead, we now bring the programs to the schools and deliver right in the classroom. We have an exciting array of new programs to offer; everything from early exploration and settlement, to women's contributions in maritime industries, to more science-based navigation and ship building. 

Parents for Safe Schools

I am founder of Parents for Safe Schools and a Riding Rep for C4ST (Canadians For Safe Technology) a not-for-profit, volunteer-based coalition of parents, citizens and experts whose mission is to educate and inform Canadians and their policy makers about the dangers of the exposures to unsafe levels of radiation from wireless technology and to work with all levels of government to create healthier communities for children and families. Parents for Safe Schools would like to provide parents with information from the Safety Manuals and Disclaimers that are included within all wireless devices explaining how to use these products to avoid injuries. Because children are the most vulnerable to this exposure, there are simple things to do that would reduce radiation exposure in the classroom. This information has been presented to the Victoria Teachers Association for the past two years at the Tapestry Conference held at the Esquimalt High School and the response was overwhelming. Pamphlets and flyers can be submitted for approval


The Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) is a leader in the field of health and physical activity in Canada, offering community recreation programs for children and adults as well as high performance athlete services. All of our programs are inclusive, open to people of all abilities. The central theme of PISE is physical literacy, the “motivation, confidence, and competence to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life”. The value of physical literacy goes beyond physical development; participation in physical activity during childhood is crucial for social, emotional, and cognitive development. This has been recognized in the new BC Education curriculum which now includes physical literacy as a key component. The Vancouver Island Parent Conference 2017 would be an excellent opportunity to educate parents on the importance and benefits of becoming aware of and engaged in their child’s physical literacy development. The conference would also be a good platform to demonstrate how PISE’s physical literacy programs are run. PISE offers programs for children of all ages and abilities to develop physical literacy skills in a safe inclusive environment. PISE’s exhibit would include various equipment and tools we use to develop fundamental movement skills as well as examples of our inclusive play based games for skill development. Parents would have the opportunity to try out the equipment and play a number of games. We will have program guides available highlighting our physical literacy programs including some programs that incorporate parents and/or provide parents with the opportunity to be physically active while their child is at their PISE program. PISE representatives are physical literacy experts and will engage with parents, highlighting connections between physical literacy and many of the conference session concepts such as building confidence, reducing stress and anxiety, and cognitive development. We will also provide information and resources for those parents interested in doing more research or becoming more involved in the development of their child’s physical literacy.