2015 Conference

Plenary Descriptions


Robin Grille



Love, Fear, and Shame in Education

A thought-provoking discussion about revolutionary approaches to education that enhance learning and self-motivation, while dramatically reducing violence in schools.

This thought-provoking workshop is about an education revolution that is sweeping the world and transforming the classroom as we know it. You will discover that a new educational paradigm, based on collaboration, intrinsic motivation and children’s individual interests, is having an unexpected result: it sharply reduces the incidence of bullying and school violence.

Topics we will explore:

  • What is the most powerful motivating force for learning?
  • The power of play-based education
  • What are some of the many, diverse examples of child-centred education and emergent curricula around the world, and what defines them?
  • How widespread is the new phenomenon of child-centred (emergent) curricula around the world?
  • The role of emotional intelligence in new education models
  • The effects of shame in competition-based models
  • How gold stars and other reward systems harm learning – and why educational psychologists don’t tell us!

Why student participation in curriculum design reduces violence and other behavioural problems in and out of the classroom.


Parenting for a Peaceful World

Robin Grille invites you on a journey that begins with the surprising and often shocking history and evolution of parenting. With the aid of recent revolutionary discoveries about early childhood development and the human brain, the history of childhood offers vital clues about the roots of human violence and social disharmony.

This inspirational lecture and interactive session, based on Robin Grille’s book of the same title, will provide a fascinating look at parenting customs that have shaped societies and major world events, revealing how children adapt to parenting styles and how these experiences underpin the adults they become and, ultimately, the way the world is structured.

Robin Grille draws upon revolutionary new research to argue that safeguarding children’s emotional development is the key to creating a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Robin emphasizes that our future rests on the way we care for parents, and the way we treat children. This presentation takes you from past horrors to present hope. You will learn how recent fundamental changes in child-rearing approaches have shifted human consciousness, giving birth to modern movements for human rights, justice, democracy, equality and sustainability. You will also learn how these universal issues impact on the way that we work with young children and their families.

Certainly, there is much more work to do. But what would the future hold for humanity if these positive reforms in child-rearing continue to grow? What is your personal role in this unfolding global movement?